Selected publications in 2019

Identification of Functional Gene Modules Associated With STAT-Mediated Antiviral Responses to White Spot Syndrome Virus in Shrimp.
Zhu G, Li S, Wu J, Li F, Zhao XM.
Frontiers in Physiology (2019)

In this work, based on the gene expression profiles of shrimp with an injection of WSSV and STAT double strand RNA (dsRNA), we constructed a gene co-expression network for shrimp and identified the gene modules that are possibly responsible for STAT-mediated antiviral responses.

DeepPhos: prediction of protein phosphorylation sites with deep learning.
Luo F, Wang M1, Liu Y, Zhao XM, Li A.
Bioinformatics (2019)

In this study we present DeepPhos, a novel deep learning architecture for prediction of protein phosphorylation. Unlike multi-layer convolutional neural networks, DeepPhos consists of densely connected convolutional neuron network blocks which can capture multiple representations of sequences to make final phosphorylation prediction by intra block concatenation layers and inter block concatenation layers.