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The filamentous ascomycete Fusarium graminearum (teleomorph Gibberella zeae) is the major pathogenic agent of Fusarium head blight (FHB) that causes diseases to wheat, barley and other crops, resulting in huge economical loss and serious healthy problems to human and animals by contaminating grains. The eFG (electronic resource for Fusarium graminearum) database is a free and comprehensive knowledgebase for academic use in the F. graminearum community.

In this database, the following information about F. graminearum can be freely accessed.

GenePromoter sequenceFunction informationSubcellular localizationPathogenic gene
13321133212709 (4921)22 (12786)100
Transcription factor (TF)EnzymePathwayProtein-protein interactionOrtholog
44 (717)1206105 (1734)216263 (6741)101693 (13332)

            The number in brackets is the number of genes in F. graminearum belonging to the corresponding category.

Reference: Liu X, Zhang X, Tang W H, et al. eFG: an electronic resource for Fusarium graminearum[J]. Database, 2013, 2013.