Database of Intearcting Proteins in Oryza Sativa


Database of Interacting Proteins in Oryza Sativa

Reference:Sapkota A, Liu X, Zhao X M, et al. DIPOS: database of interacting proteins in Oryza sativa[J]. Molecular BioSystems, 2011, 7(9): 2615-2621.

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There are few protein interaction data for rice in public database. Our goal is to provide a complete rice protein interaction database to the plant biologist to better understand the life of plants, especially for rice. Unlike most existing methods, we used two different but complementary methods, i.e. interologs and domain interactions based methods to predict protein interactions for rice. Furthermore, a confidence-level is assigned to each interaction which will help to sort out important proteins out of thousands of proteins without any experimental cost.

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