Database of Intearcting Proteins in Oryza Sativa


Database of Interacting Proteins in Oryza Sativa

Reference:Sapkota A, Liu X, Zhao X M, et al. DIPOS: database of interacting proteins in Oryza sativa[J]. Molecular BioSystems, 2011, 7(9): 2615-2621.

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Enter Locus or Gene Model or Any relevant search string (e.g. LOC_Os01g12730 or 13101.m01386 etc.) in the search box to search the interactions. Alternately, input a pair of protein (separated by space) to know if they interact (eg. Os01g48410.1 Os01g12730.1 or 13101.m01386 13108.m03830 etc.)

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